Wish list for future Ascents

Improved the fuel economy is definitively on the top of my list, and love to have a built-in dash cam, given all the cameras are already there. In addition, …

1. 8-seat for Touring/Onyx.
2. 18-in wheel option for higher trim
3. A pass-through area under the center console for storage
4. Cargo light in the ceiling.
5. Make the center screen as wide as those in Forester — Apple CP screen is squished in the Ascent, making the two important windows on the left noticeably smaller than in the Forester.
6. Improved lane-centering: use the radar to better assess the cars in the neighboring lanes to shift slightly to the left or right — keeping the car in the dead center is not always the best idea.
7. Rear view camera as an option for all trims, as this is a nice safety feature that should be available to all.

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