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Crazy how wiper blade prices have gone through the roof. I was shopping the usual auto parts stores and the dealership for replacement blades for my 2021 Outback. I was balking at paying the outrageous cost for both front and the rear blades. There’s not a wiper blade made worth $30+ in my humble opinion, not when they were half that seems like not too long ago.
Anyway I took a chance on these made up American name Chinese wipers off Amazon, and am delighted at the purchase. Shipped in a day, packaged well, installed easily, work perfectly. All three blades for $22. Changed out my worn blades, and tested inside 10 minutes, once I figured out how to get the old ones off.

EMITHSUN Windshield Wiper Blades With Rear Wiper Blades set Replacement for Subaru Outback 2020-2022,That Meet OEM Quality Easy DIY Install 26″+18″+16″(Set of 3) https://a.co/d/dwuhgJU

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