Windshield Tint Recommendations for ’23 Outback

Related Question: Does anyone know the type or quality of tint applied to the windows from the factory? Debating if I want to just paint the windshields or replace the rears, and if it will make a difference to the UV protection (car sits outside).

If you search, there have been several posts in the past referencing official information from Subaru, which windows are acoustic glass, UV coated, etc. I remember that there is no coating of color on them, the glass is painted. when they are produced. There have also been discussions in the past about the cost of replacing non-acoustic glass with acoustic glass, which I recall have price estimates in them if you want to understand.

It cost close to $700 to paint all the glass on my GEN 6 last summer in Southern California. I imagine with materials and labor, replacing the glass would be significantly more.

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