Will not climb steep hill – any TC mode

From the flatlands and into the mountains, a FL utility trailer was towed to NC. Very happy so far. This morning, the trailer had to be repositioned for storage. It was empty and weighed about 800 pounds.

To do this, I had to climb a grassy hill next to my road. It’s steep, but not crazy steep. I paused for a second, I had already selected snow/dirt mode. No matter what I did, the car would not move forward. I tried Deep Snow, Normal with first gear set to manual. No matter, all engine modes revved to around 2200 rpm and the car wouldn’t move forward an inch. No spinning tires. I had to back up a bit, get a running start and get far enough up the hill so I could back up and park the trailer.

Photo below. With everything disconnected behind the trailer park. The drop to the right is not as severe as the picture makes it seem.

This ground is soft, it wouldn’t surprise me if the wheels spun and split. And stay stuck anyway. But it was disconcerting not to have that choice. Maybe it kept me from tearing up the grass.

Is this normal?

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