Whiteline 20mm Rear Sway Bar Test Kit for 2020+ Outback Installation and Notes

Installation is complete and sorry for the delay. Also did a short test. Instead of talking about installation first, the results:
With very limited driving, the car feels 1,000 pounds lighter, much less heavy. It steers much more naturally, resists headwinds better, turns with more urgency, but never nervous. A rear sway bar increases front grip to prevent understeer, and in this case the theory matches my limited impressions. The front turn is sharper, but the rear doesn’t look loose at all. Feels like better grip both front and rear with a better balance. While in theory the rear end will be less independent and can ride rougher, I wasn’t on broken pavement so I can’t say, but it felt good with things like the well covers, reflectors.
Driving along the coast because it’s the weekend, the motorcycle tourists slowed things down, but I tried to make space and pace wherever I could, but it was limited.

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OE strip removal – this is what stock looks like. The first step is to loosen the end link where it attaches to the bar. If there are signs of corrosion on the top pins, you’d do well to use some penetrant (eg WD-40) the day before.

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A 14mm socket or wrench will work, but it’s pretty tight. There is a 5mm hex cut on the end of the top pin, but you only need to use it when you then torque it to 40.6 foot pounds. Make sure you can get the hex all the way in, otherwise you could damage the stud by removing the hex opening. In many cases the threads are frayed (as seen below) and a penetrant can be used the day before to facilitate removal. It is also suggested that after installation you spray a rust inhibitor inside the hex so that it does not corrode and prevent it from fully fitting in the future.

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With the nut removed, simply pull the threaded bolt out of the sway bar.

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You can remove the 12mm bolts of the OE bracket and the bar will come off. When reinstalling, the torque specification is 28 pound-feet for the bottom bracket bolts.

It may look like the exhaust is in the way, but just turn around and maneuver the bar and it can be pulled to the side without removing the wheel or exhaust or anything. If my ramps were lower it would be harder.

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The Whiteline bar is almost a perfect match to the OE bar.

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Installation will be done in the next post.
@lidksmy provided the 2021 Outback diagram below – included dry torque values. If you use a liquid thread locker, it lubricates the threads and the torque values ​​should be reduced by about 20%
Brackets (15) held by 12 mm bolts torqued to 28 foot pounds [T1] Mating surfaces between bracket and mount must be clean and dry. If you accidentally grease it, then please clean both mating surfaces before reinstalling, otherwise it may crack.

End links (16) 14mm open end torque up to 40lbs on top [T2] with 5mm hex center studs and 28lb feet at the bottom on the lower control arm [T1]. Make sure your 5mm hex is all the way in, otherwise it may strip and pop out.

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