Which car model was the closest winner when you chose the Outback?

Nothing really.

I hadn’t even considered a Subaru or an Outback.


I was ready to trade in my 15 Honda Accord for something new, but I didn’t know what. I thought about a New Deal, but that didn’t appeal to me. Ford stopped making cars (as opposed to trucks) altogether (it would have gone for a Taurus SHO though). Most sedans didn’t appeal to me much.

A sought after type of CUV/SUV. None of the Honda/Accura offerings were doing my tail off. A Ford SUV wouldn’t happen, they have too many problems at this point. I wasn’t willing to buy another Dodge SUV that had the same MPG as my old 2002 Durango for over 3 times the price. I looked at a few Lexus models, couldn’t bring myself to bother with the Mazda, just not a Toyota fan, a rental car a few years ago ruined my Infinity forever and I wasn’t willing to pay the money for a BMW/Mercedes/Porsche . The Audi intrigued me, but finding one to test drive was impossible. In the end, I was just looking at a lot of stuff (all online mind you) and didn’t find anything that excited me.

Then Subaru just popped into my head. You have some friends who have them and loved them. I started looking at Outbacks (but not other Subaru models) and realized this was what I wanted. The hard part was finding a new one to test drive. When I, by some random chance, found a used Gen 5 to test drive, my Onyx had just arrived. A few tries later (General 5 and my Onyx) and I got it off the lot. He was there for less than four hours.

I’m not one of those sensitive “I need to bond with my car” people (a surprise, I know – although I was seriously in love with my 90 Thunderbird Super Coupe back in the day, but we’re not going to stop in this) but I really like my Onyx. A LOT. I’ve never had a car like it and I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly it is about, I’m still figuring it out.

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