Which Android music apps play best with Android Auto?

I brought this up in the mega Android Auto topic but that topic seems focused on Nav screens now.

I want to play my own music files from my phone. Around 8500 songs in 400+ folders. Perhaps 30 artists.

During the test drive I think I used Samsung Music and I couldn’t see how to browse by Artists and Albums on the car screen. I was stuck on one album. I guess Android Auto doesn’t necessarily render the App controls exactly how the phone does. Those controls were easy on my phone but didn’t show up on Android Auto.

While I wait for my car, a 2024 Outback Limited, to be ready for delivery, I’m trying to download several music players and the most important thing I need is for Android Auto to render the browsing functions. Browse Artists and then Albums for that artist in a rational order. So easy browsing is critical.

I don’t ever randomize my songs. I also don’t stream from the internet so I don’t are about streaming. It’s easy browsing of my own music library that matters.

An app that also will automatically go to the next album of the same artist when one album is done would be a huge plus.

I’ve already downloaded PowerAmp, PlayerPro, VLC, Music Player, Misicolet and Samsung Music but I’ll download anything that works. And I don’t mind paying for the app. It doesn’t need to be a free. But I am not interested in a subscription.

Any/all suggestions from people who can do what I’ve described very much appreciated.

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