Where to mount the phone without interfering with EyeSight?

I just bought a new Ascent (my first Subaru ever!). I want to mount my phone (for a number of reasons, including the fact that the infotainment system is laggy and too low in my field of vision to be optimally secure). But the EyeSight manual has a number of limitations and I can’t figure out where I can put a phone mount. The manual says:

  1. Do not place any stickers or accessories on the windshield (outside or inside). If you must do so (for example, a legally required or electronic toll tag), avoid the gray prohibited area (1) shown in the illustration. Otherwise, it may adversely affect the camera’s field of view and may cause the system to malfunction.
  2. Do not place any objects in the prohibited (2) gray area. The camera may not be able to detect objects accurately and the EyeSight system may not function properly due to reflections on the windshield.
  3. Never mount any accessories or accessories in the central ventilation duct, as any change in airflow can affect EyeSight performance.

I’m no expert, but this all sounds kind of unbelievable, especially #3 – I have a hard time believing that air conditioning bouncing off the back of my phone would have any effect on the cameras near the rearview mirror. Do you think the guidelines are too paranoid? If not, where should I mount my phone?

My favorite spots would be right above the center vent immediately to the left of the infotainment system, and mounting it to that vent would also be fine, but they violate #2 and #3 respectively. I think mounting my phone vertically on the A-pillar on the left would be acceptable, if it is possible to attach something to a vertical surface with such a texture (I doubt it). Maybe a left side windshield mount would be fine even if #1 discourages it.

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