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I recently had the Ascent serviced (oil/filter changed) done at the dealer. Later that day, or the next, I don’t recall exactly, the wife is in the passenger seat and says to me “What’s that?”. I said, “What are you talking about?” As you see in the attached images, the first is what we saw and where it was at. The second image is what I easily removed from it’s position, which apparently was no longer attached and just “resting” in the location of the first image. BTW, the mirror seems to still function normally.
So I bring this question to all my smart Subaru friends because I brag to my wife that I can always find the answer on our forums when I don’t have a frickin’ clue…which is quite often…what is it? Eagerly awaiting for the overwhelming knowledge that each of you will impart on my simple, small brain. Many thanks in advance! 🙃

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