What is the maxium side to side angle the car can handle before flipping?

In any Subaru, you can go fully 360 degrees at 100kph and not flip over. Have personally experienced doing three sequential spins that way in my WRX days on a skidpan. That was huge fun.

Why does this work? Subarus all have a very low overall centre of gravity which is why even an Outback or Forester with higher ground clearance than a WRX can be chucked around a corner with relative ease.

Would I do the same thing in a Hyundai Tucson? Absolutely not. They have a very high centre of gravity despite having a lower ground clearance compared to a Forester or even Crosstrek, and even have tip warnings on the sun visor about it.

What can flip you over in a Subaru is something that jams both wheels causing the remaining inertial force to carry you over, eg: a ditch, a kerb, grassy potholes, etc.

Watch some crash videos and you’ll see even a relatively small fixed object getting in the way of one part of the sliding vehicle typically causes it to be spun around in the opposite direction until all that inertial force is washed off.

In your case, a flat, pothole-less dirt road will not flip you over assuming you stay on that road. As soon as you are off the sides of the road, going sideways, you will be subject to whatever is outside of that. If it’s just grass, then your only real risk is ditches and potholes in that grass successfully catching both wheels and thus flipping you (or just stopping you but damaging your lateral arms in the process) if you have sufficient inertial force behind you.

Drive within your limits

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