What is going on with these transmission bar levels?

You have cold marks on your stick. You can fill it when it is cold until you see the liquid fill when it is cold.
You also have hot tags, so you can fill them while reading them warm.
Traditionally, on older models, there was only a full and low mark, and the transmission fluid had to be read while warm. In such a case, you may read full while cold but low when warm.

Well, it’s still reading weird after driving for 10 minutes, changing gears a few times and adding about 3/4 quart of trans fluid. Checked while the car is running still getting these weird vertical fluid marks covering half the dip point to the full hot point instead of a nice solid horizontal line somewhere on the dip point…

One thing I will add, when I bought the car I remember there was a funnel in the engine bay above the trans bar. I’m assuming this guy must have messed with it or there is a leak, but I’ve never seen this car leak anything. I figure if I overfill it I might drain it a bit and throw in a new filter while I’m down there…

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