Well, I can see what I’ll be doing today!



Of all the bizarre things…….

Had had a slight knocking noise the last few days at idle that would go away when above idle, but could not figure out where it was coming from (my ’96 Brighton wagon). Suddenly lost my power steering today about 4 miles from my shop,but got back here without any problems.

Popped the hood, and sitting there as pretty as can be was the crankshaft pulley and it’s bolt! Looks like it was loose for a while, as it has wallowed out the center mounting hole a fair amount – haven’t measured the front of the crank as yet, but it doesn’t look too pretty either. Unfortunately, not much I can do to clean that up nicely without removing the engine and then the crankshaft!

Looks like I’ll be boring the pulley out for a sleeve to be fitted ( and tack welded in place because of the split it needs for what is left of the locating key), and then epoxied when put back together ( epoxied to take up any slight misfits, which we have done a lot on old Formula Vee axles where the splines are worn – surprising how well that can work!).

So much for my getting production done today!

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