Water in Ascent after rain! Water dripping from Overhead unit!

Our Ascent was purchased Aug 2019. Yesterday, after parking the car outside at work (no trees) for a day, got in car, started driving and noticed that water was pouring as small streams and dripping fast from the top overhead unit (where the overhead lights, Forward collision switch, lane departure switch is, unit connected to the eyesight cameras). Water dripped on driver’s head, driver seat , and the passenger seat, making the seat wet as well. The head liner is soaking wet around the overhead top unit (behind and connected to Eyesight cameras).

When we press the break, the water came more from that overhead unit! We have underground parking where we live, but are work, its left outside next to a building.

Today it is sunny in Vancouver, as we drove the car, a few drops of water came down still. I took a picture today, you can see where that water drop is from around the Forward collision button. Yesterday, the water was streaming from all the seams around the buttons, reading lights! ?

What is happening!? We booked an appointment next Tuesday with the Richmond Subaru here in Vancouver Canada. Really hope this can be rectified. Sigh…… we are bummed that Subaru has this water leaking problem. The service rep said yesterday she recieved a water leaking call as well! Man it’s hard to swallow when you pay over 50K CAD for a brand new car and have to deal with this nonsense. Dealership also can’t offer Courtesy car!! Very frustrating.

Anyone had similar leaking experience in their Ascent around the overhead unit?


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