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Hello everybody!

I’m just wondering if anyone would be able to help me sort out this very annoying and confusing problem I’m having.

I recently bought like 2.5L Subaru outback 2003 and it has become quite annoying over time. The first problem I ran into was something hitting my radiator while driving and putting a grease leak in it. The car overheated and then I replaced the radiator. The car overheated again a week or so later dramatically. The coolant boiled over while spraying the engine bay as well as overheating. Turns out when the radiator was replaced they put the old radiator cap back on and it failed. Replaced the radiator cap, but again, overheating! So I started by pressure testing all the cylinder heads and checked everything. Replaced the thermostat. (however, I may not have bought an OEM thermostat yet looking at it) I noticed that the radiator fan fuse was blown but it still overheats.

The strange thing is that overheating always follows a pattern. The car warms up normally, then suddenly after about 15 minutes the temperature starts to rise rapidly and I quickly turn the car off. The same pattern has occurred 4 times in a row at similar times. I’ll burp and prime the system if there are any air bubbles, but after that I’m pretty dazed.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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