UK rubbish the Gen 6



Just been reading a few UK reviews of the Outback and they absolutely rubbish them! From poor ride at low speeds, archaic interiors (like stepping back at least 10years by one review), ugly design, poor handling, noisy engines, poor performance. One rated it 2/5. Then there’s this review:
“It’s a pity the ride over bad surfaces is actually quite poor“. This is totally contradictory to what the local reviews have said, with them praising the Outbacks ability to soak up bad surfaced roads.
Then this one:
“Judged as a normal large estate – a Skoda Superb and Citroën C5 X rival – it is hopelessly behind the times. It’s not particularly fast, it doesn’t handle with any great distinction, it looks somewhat forgettable, its interior materials are drab and its multimedia is rudimentary. If you’re never going to take it off the beaten path, it’s unrecommendable”.

Do they get a significantly different model to the rest of the world, or I am (and every Aussie review I’ve read) looking at them through different glasses?

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