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My 2009 XT came to me in 2020 with a really, really bad paint on front hood. This is my DD, so I didn’t want to go through the time (or expense) it would take to remove everything and start over. Apparently it was so bad that I never took a clear picture of how bad it was lol… So here are some of them:

(It’s worse in person, and that clear cracked layer is about 1/8″ thick.)
…So I’ve been passively looking for another hood local to me, preferably the same diamond gray but at the right price anything just for the ease of repainting with downtime. Only the 08-09 OBXTs have this front clip, and there just aren’t many in this part of the country.
Last week I stumbled upon a piece of a 2009 quartz silver that was only 200 miles away. I figured I could give it a shot, see if the two-tone look could be embraced further and still look good. Here are the initial results:

It’s interesting how a little sunlight makes the diamond gray roof look almost the same color as the quartz silver hood…

I’m a little on the fence about this currently. Still very happy that the hood is smooth for the first time in my ownership, it’s noticeably lighter (less paint/clear) and at least matches one of the original colors. I also grabbed the mirrors and plan to swap them out to see if that helps tie everything together a little better.

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