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…Very curious though! I’ve heard technicians talk about the possibility of increasing the canister pressures on these turbo engines. There is a theory floating around my shop that this may be why we are seeing so much oil leaking into the pot early.

It’s true that a turbo can generate more blown gases under boost than a naturally aspirated engine, but the PCV system is designed with that in mind. It’s also why adding a crankcase can cause problems IF the crankcase is restrictive, preventing free passage of crankcase gases and building up crankcase pressure.

But I’m pretty sure the oil pan leaks are from seal bead defects during the original engine build, not over pressurization. It would take a lot of excess pressure to cause a leak through a properly sealed upper and lower oil pan, and I would expect it to come off the dipstick before breaking that kind of seal.

If his factory PCV hose was cracked, that’s unusual, however, in a new car, unless the hose itself was defective. If the blow-by gases are excessive then I think it could force more liquid oil through the PCV system and end up in the intercooler, perhaps preventing the valve in the heads from draining properly?

I would be curious if they could do a compression or leak test, or test for excess gas.

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