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I have done a lot of research on towing travel trailers with the Ascent.

All my research was aimed at a couple, or a couple with one or two young granddaughters, as mentioned in the original post here.

Although Subaru had a marketing video produced for them that showed three fairly small adults, three teenagers, a large dog, and some camping gear in the Ascent and towing an Airstream F22, my personal opinion, based on my research, is that the video is nothing but. marketing hyperbole and not at all practical even for ground traction.

With maybe four ‘real’ adults, a couple of younger people and their gear and a trailer to sleep six comfortably, the Ascent is not the right choice of tow vehicle. The Chevy Suburban or Ford Expedition would be much better choices with that goal in mind. It would also allow for a trailer with better sleeping accommodation for six.

I really don’t believe there is any trailer that will work well, or even safely, with Climbing with your goal in mind.

Just my opinion.


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