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I have a limited 2019 with 20k mic on it. The latest recall was serviced and within a week a major transmission problem appeared. I did not set the parking brake while parking on an incline. The car was full with 8 people in it. When I tried to pull out of park and put the car in reverse, no power was sent to the wheels. The car kept rolling forward no matter how much gas I gave it. Had to put it back in park, set the handbrake, then slowly reverse it after releasing the parking brake. It worked, but I could still feel that the car was weak. Took it to the dealer and they said the transmission needs to be rebuilt. They engaged Subaru of America who sent the parts free of charge since the car was under warranty.
I wonder if anyone else faced a similar problem. If so, is rebuilding the transmission the usual solution or was the transmission replaced?

Does Subaru of America extend the transmission warranty another 5 years? Should I contact them for some paperwork for the extended warranty?

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