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I flushed the fluid through the cooler today. Used the transmission inlet hose (pictured in the original post) by removing the driver’s side steering wheel. It went pretty well. I changed gears several times. Unfortunately, the old brown fluid stopped flowing after the 2 gallon exchange…so I’m not sure where the other 3-4 gallons were. I changed a total of 9 quarts and poured about 12 oz. Transmission downshifts much easier now imo. Similar ease to putting 110w oil in the differentials for the first 5k miles (note I don’t recommend it as subaru says 75w-90 is preferred in the rear and 75-80 in the front or something. Also 75w-110 kills about 2-4mpg) .

Also grabbed a CVTF oil sample. I’m at 32,575 miles. I will post the sample results when they arrive. Maybe 2 weeks. The old fluid was pretty brown, but not shiny (could hardly see any metal even with a flashlight, no carbon either, which I guess makes sense). The fluid was still tacky and not “sprayy” nor mechanically coated.

I will post a video as someone asked. Don’t throw me the lamin hahah – I’m not used to making videos. Maybe it helps someone.

In summary, unless you qualify for “heavy duty”, I wouldn’t do the cvt fluid before 60k miles. But seeing as mine is very brown (but not shiny with metal), I also wouldn’t expect 100k miles. Just an opinion.

Oh, I also temp gunned the broth and the pan. When I ran the car for 5 minutes and let it cool for 30 minutes, the pan was 122F and the fluid was about 117F. After letting it sit for 2 hours and then reheating, the pan was about 105F when the liquid coming out was about 100F. So the pan at the bottom of the transmission is pretty similar.

Also the factory fill allows about 6oz of fluid to come out before shifting (car runs and goes through all gears. Left it running in park and opened the fill hole. Consistent small-medium flow.

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