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I have a Keystone Hideout 186ss travel trailer. I was hoping to order an Ascent as my tow vehicle. My packed weight is under the 5,000 lb tow limit (4,800 lb max packed), but tongue weight is 610 lb. 
How concerned should I be about the 110 lb overage on tongue weight?
If it is an issue (in terms of performance and/or warranty) is there anything that I can do to make these two compatible?
Does Subaru have any upgrades at the time of order in terms of their hitch capacity?
Thank you!

Hi Jen, that’s way over on tongue weight (a whopping 22%). So, sadly, besides being illegal in all states, it’s an issue with safety as well as with the design limits of the car. That much over also becomes dangerous for handling, dangerous for sway, and even potentially dangerous for damaging the car.

Alas, there are no aftermarket or OEM hitches or devices that will increase the Ascent’s capabilities.

So, short answer: NO, dangerous, illegal, and virtually impossible to make it work. Sorry

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