Time Sensitive Q: The torque converter and steering rack are dying

I’m trying to guess how long these two (unrelated) issues have before they fail completely. This is in the context of a “Rebuild and keep the car or cut our losses and get rid of it” decision.

My torque converter is making a new grinding sound that is really bothering me. This is on top of the pre-existing coverage problem described in this thread. That vibration started 3 months ago, right after the valve body was replaced. This buzzing/grinding sound just started last week. This only happens when the car is in gear. I can only hear it when it’s stationary, but the interior is so squeaky that I can’t tell if the sound comes on when the car is revving. The dealership says the torque converter is failing and it sure sounds like it to my amateur ears. I got under the car and there are no loose heat shields, etc.

Is there any way to guess how long it might take before it fails? I’m looking for some advice like, “Once a torque converter makes noise like that, it’s a ticking time bomb” or hopefully “It’s just going to get louder and louder over time and sound like hell absolute before he dies forever.”

Completely separately, the steering rack has been leaking oil/gas for some time. When this “fails” will it be gradual or will the drive freeze at some point? Obviously, I don’t want to create a dangerous situation with this.

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