The Outback roof rack is horrible!

Preface – I realize the Wilderness roof rack is much better, but I have a Touring XT.

I’ve had the car over two years but only started using the roof rack last summer, mounting two Kuat fork-mount bike carriers (previously, I used only a hitch mount rack, but that doesn’t work when I’m towing our camp trailer). I guess the stowable crossbars are an interesting idea, but when deployed, as I’m sure others have found, they have a bit of play. No big deal on road. But I go “soft roading” a lot. And when I’m on a dirt road, the rack is bouncing around with my bikes up there. It looks like it’s only a plastic connection so I’m convinced it’s going to fail one day.

So after a recent off road trip, I decided I’d upgrade. As far as I can tell, nobody has a system of crossbars that will fit the vertical rails on the OB’s roof. I even emailed Thule and was told that, yeah, the only mount they have actually connects to the crossbars when they are stowed back against the rails, which he said means the crossbars will be only 24″ apart. Not ideal.

The rails have all that black plastic cladding (Dear Subaru – ENOUGH WITH THE CLADDING!) which is not very sturdy so I don’t think you can mount another rack to it.

Only other option is something like a Prinsu, which requires drilling new holes and will cost well over $1000. Not sure it’s worth it. I guess I’ll stick with the stowable crossbars and hope that Subaru over built that connection.

Anybody else have frustration with the roof rack? I sure hop they improve it in the next gen.

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