The check engine light and others came on suddenly

I have a 2020 Outback Limited with 28K. Today I started the car up after a 40 mile drive to be greeted with the scary/annoying “check engine” light (not flashing) as well as “RAB off” and “eyesight off” as well as a little white car icon with a bit of a squiggle of stuff under it. I called the dealership where I bought my car and they told me that this happens to many owners, but that they don’t have appointments until August 2nd. I called a representative close to me that I trust little by little. It seemed to them like this news. I have an appointment there to “figure out what’s going wrong.” Meanwhile, a friend of mine has something that can tell you what’s really wrong with your car???? Is this possible? Have any of you heard about my situation? Despite my mileage, I don’t think anything is under warranty.

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