The car does not move Subaru Outback Forums

Your car should have a place in the engine bay fuse holder to fit a fuse that will force the car into front wheel drive only – if doing this you can move the car, it might mean something.


legacy/back 1990s with 4EAT = pull a front wheel drive fuse.
behind that simple 4EAT was: plug a fuse.

I’ve also seen subarus come up for auction with 2 wheels pulled down to damage the AWD. (the flat bed had a honda in the bed and a skinny woodsman 2 up/2 down in the back)

when they are on a fork, they usually get the forks too long and hold the car on them front / rear (back to front) …this can abuse some end links on a subaru.

but not on the side as it only hurts the body and everything below.
(saw a rear wheel drive pickup that had a nick on the driveshaft from being lifted by monkeys in a junk yard on the side, despite it being great they were going to resell it,…the teenager who bought it was burned to the curb and tore it in half, … the owner of the junk yard replaced it.).

edit: can you stick the 4 wheeler up and see what spins? by hand or under power?
can you open the trans handle and manually force it into neutral with a screwdriver? = this reveals what is unable to rotate. (frozen brakes, broken axles / drive axles)

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