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When I bought my ’23 three weeks ago there was a tool kit in the cargo area. I think that my dealership puts one in every new car sold.

Does anyine know if these tools are used to work on the Ascent, or if this is just an extra that has noting to do with the Ascent?

The tools kit includes the following:
(1) Needle Nose Pliers
(2) Two Allen Keys, sizes not on the keys
(3) Two Jewlers Screw Driver, phillips and straight
(4) Driver Handle, screw or nut driver type.
(5) Driver attachments:
(A) 2 inch extension
(B)bits (#1, #2 phillips; #5 ,#6 straight; #1, #2 star; T10, T15, T20)
(C) 1/4 Drive Sockets (6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm)

I would add pictures of the tool kit but those options are grayed-out.

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