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A friend of mine said he wasn’t crazy about Toyota’s SofTex. I can’t find what SofTex is made from, but StarTex is urethane. I’m sure it’s all about function over form, no matter how it feels.

“…we spoke with Peter Tenn, Legacy, Outback and Ascent carline manager at Subaru of America.

“The Onyx Edition XT is designed to look a little stronger, a little more active. It has black wheels; has the empty grid; it has a unique interior, which we call StarTex. It’s a durable urethane interior, so it’s a non-animal product. It has a nice feel, cleans up easily (and) is stain resistant.” …”…e=insider&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=may19

Similar name, same supplier? Photo from a friend who went to the NY Auto Show:

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