Side load nets for generation 6 output

hi everyone: first off, this is a great site. I’ve learned a lot and assuming nothing goes wrong, I’ll be driving home a 2024 Outback tomorrow.

I’ve searched through previous threads and found only scant indications of anyone doing what I’d like to do:

I would like to install the “cargo side nets” like I have on the 2012 impreza and it seems that existed for the Gen 4 Outback:

has anyone successfully installed these in your gen 6 outback. I’m not against drilling a few holes to install them (without a template as I’m sure by eye, it should work out fine), but I’d like some confirmation (and maybe photos) of people doing this successfully or learning any pitfalls of trying this mod.

while I can see the utility of the rear cargo net for some occasions, I’ve liked having the side cargo nets to keep things out of the way of the main rear storage during everyday use. in my Impreza, I store a few shopping bags, an extra jacket for each family member, and a few other small items. very helpful and hopefully I can have a similar setup on my Outback.

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