Service issue: Leaking oil pan and a dented bumper

I took my 19 Ascent in for a regular oil change at a dealership. I was informed later in the day that the upper oil pan was wet and would need to be fixed. The car must be in the dealership for 5-6 days. However, I couldn’t really understand the explanation. I was told I have Gold Plus warranty which should take care of it. It is dry where I park the car though so not sure if it was a made up problem. I was promised a video of what’s wrong, but haven’t received it after two reminders. Are ‘wet’ oil pans a normal problem on the Ascent? What does the adjustment involve?

Also, a day later when I went to pick up a loaner, I noticed that the front bumper on my car now has a dent that wasn’t there before. The service center was closing so I couldn’t tell them. If I remember correctly, the service advisor took pictures when I crashed the car. What are my options here: should I bring the scratch and what should I expect them to do? Or should I let it slide? In all the years of my ownership, so far there has not been a single parking rash on the bumpers. So I’m very upset!

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