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I’ve read a number of posts about windshield replacement, though most focused on the Subaru defect/extended warranty etc. Since Safelite seems to control who makes the glass they use more stealth than the original formula for Pepsi :) I can’t get enough info to help me decide if the OEM is worth the $210 out of pocket vs the OEE glass.

I have a ’21 Touring, and normally I would say OEM all the time, but since Safelite says they do a dual calibration on the Eyesight, is there any real value in having the word Subaru on the windshield? I read something that suggested OEE can’t make the exact same glass due to licensing/copyright agreements (more than just stamping Subaru on the glass), but that was unclear as well.

I called my local (and trusted) dealer – they outsource the work so there isn’t much value in using them in this case as their warranty is only 12 months and it would actually cost me over $300 from the pocket.

In summary, I can pay $0 to get the OEE glass or $210 to get the OEM glass, both with lifetime warranties against installation defects/issues and that’s what I’m trying to decide.

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