RPM jump up when going over 55

Bare with me as I attempt to describe what is going on…
I have a 2011 Outback- 2.5i limited- 172k miles
Since September 2021 we have replaced: MAP sensor(December2022), EGR Valve(December2022), PCV hose(March2022), Spark plugs(September 2021), Ignition coils(October2021), and the ECU(March 2022) and the throttle body was cleaned (September2021).. That being said.

In December 2022, I noticed when going a steady speed usually over 55 MPH, the car does this weird shift/increase in RPM, whether cruise control is off or on. If I am traveling at say 60 miles steady on a flat road (no cruise control in my daily driver car so I am pretty good at keeping a steady speed) the RPM may be 2000(give or take, I am estimating), it will jump up to 3000 RPM make a small squeaking noise and drop back down to the normal RPM this all happens within a few seconds. It is not consistent and it does not always squeak. Sometimes it only jumps 500 Rpms instead of 1000 RPM’s. The best way I can describe what is happening is. When your cars cruise control is on and in use, you’re going 65 mph start up a hill and the rpm increases to keep you at the mentioned speed. the difference is when my car does it the amount of time for the increase and back to normal is maybe 3 seconds it is all very quick. Where as cruise control is a longer increase. I recorded a 15 minute video one day and it didn’t happen once, turned the camera off and a few minutes later it happened.

I have not taken it to a mechanic bc it is so inconsistent I cannot guarantee that it will actually happen while they are testing it. When I had the EGR Valve replaced in December I mentioned it to the mechanic, he drove it around for quite a while due to all of the issues we had been having with the car. He did not notice what I had described and also said no transmission codes were popping up when he checked. I drive 120 round trip 5 days a week for work not including weekend travel. which will shorten the time frame of whatever it may be breaking.

I have not driven the car much since this started (Dec 22), I have been using my daily driver car. But the transmission just went out in it so my Subaru may need to be my daily driver for now.

Any thoughts, ideas? Please ask any questions for clarifications. I have no idea what to do or what to even ask if I did take it in to get checked out.

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