RomRaider For 2002 Outback H6?

The Tactrix Openport 2 is much more expensive. (Tactrix Openport 2.0) Not sure what that listing is selling. In any case, unless you’re looking to modify the ECU programming, Openport’s capabilities are more than enough to run Romraider Logger.

When I first planned to use Romraider, there was no specific ECU definition file for my engine and, of course, the car was not listed on the coverage. However, Romraider still worked, with only a few parameters missing, and others actually showing up, but with different “titles/names”.

I understand that when the Logger and ECU definition files are downloaded and properly configured in the program, Romraider’s Logger function (separate from the ECU Editor) will use those definitions (basically the computer “addresses” for each parameter) to find the relevant parameters on the ECU it is connected to. If there is data at that address, it will display it, using the “name” for that data set it has from the existing definition files.

Consequently, even if your particular engine isn’t listed, I think it’s likely that there’s still pretty good coverage of the parameters available. (NOTE: This applies to the Logger function, which is only for displaying live data. The ECU Editor will not work without an ECU-specific definition file.)

Additionally, although the downloadable definition files may not list your vehicle, or even any H6 from that period, there may now be an H6 ECU definition on the Forum. Once Romraider connects to the ECU, it will display the ECU ID in the band at the bottom of the Logger page. That ECU ID can be used to search the Romraider Forum to see if it is defined separately. If there is, then there is likely a downloadable ECU definition file. When installed in your definition file folder, Romraider will then use the definitions from it, as above, to look for parameters. This usually adds a few, including some “extended” parameters that even Subaru Select Monitor doesn’t have, and fixes any that are “misnamed” when using other definition files as proxies. Alternatively, if the ECU ID search does not lead to a specific definition file, the forum can be searched for similar, eg, 2002 H6, and possibly other years of that generation.

(Note: In the Forum, ECU and Logger definition files can be found for Romraider and for ECUFlash. I understand that ECUFlash is a different program, although somewhat related to it, and its definition files will not work.)

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