Reverse Trigger ?fuse – Reverse Lights?

My engineer friend was trying to help set up the reverse camera on a head unit and somehow shorted the reverse trigger wire (C2 it was blacked) and now the headunit (the replacement or the oem factory) does not change screens when the car goes into reverse.

I notice too that the reverse white lights don’t go on now either.

Would there be a fuse for this system? Would be it be: Fuse 26 10A BACK UP? Fuse 24 30A BACKUP? I checked them and a few others but they look to be in good condition.

I went through the fuse diagram and can’t figure out which fuse is for the reverse white lights.

The reverse light bulbs themselves look good. The car puts the R sign when it’s in reverse and the rear wiper works both in park and in reverse.

Should I check something else? Has anyone done this or experience this? I feel pretty stupid now.


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