replacing turbo in 2005 ?

I went through several different versions. There are US made CHRA (center cartridge) replacements. Rebuilding a coil with a new CHRA is easy, really easy. Once the turbo is off, it takes less than an hour to do it.

When I was researching my options, I found a CHRA sold through NAPA for just under $400. I’m not sure about the rootstock for the NAPA brand, but from my experience, NAPA premium parts are top notch.

I’m not too afraid of the Chinese myself, but when it comes to CHRA, you really don’t save much.

Frankenwagon has used a Chinese vf46 (full replacement unit) that has about 15k miles on it and shows zero signs of any durability or build issues. This unit was about $350.

Cherry has been struggling lately, I’ve gone through some cheap Chinese CHRA replacements, but that car had a fundamental problem. With your situation, as a precaution… stick with a high quality CHRA made in the USA, or Japan and you’ll be fine. Provided you have a qualified replacement technician who understands the process involved in topping up the oil before each start.

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