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I remember honking to alert a car that was about to back into me, and wondering if the horn was even loud enough for the other driver to hear. And that pathetic tone! So, changing the horns was one of the very first mods I did on my Outback.

By far the Hella Supertones are the most popular aftermarket horn option on Subarus. You will see them on WRX cars all over. They are very loud. But after listening to sound clips on Youtube, I was concerned that, while the Supertones are very loud, the tone sounds like the Roadrunner on steroids. So I went with the PIAA Sports Horns, 500Hz/600Hz. P/N 85112. They are rated 2 or 3 db less than the Supertones, but they are still plenty loud. And, imho, the tome is so much nicer.

It seems that the only risk to the warranty would be related to the horns and horn circuit. All the rest of your warranty should be OK.

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