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I really do. I run a two zone fridge/freezer with a nice smart phone app that can control it via bluetooth (or can use the buttons, lol). It comes in multiple sizes. I love mine. Easy to clean, works REALLY well, even in the middle of the desert.

To accommodate that, and much more, including a 750W inverter, it does NOT use a second battery. Instead, I bought a Northstar Commercial/Industrial battery – the absolute most powerful battery that will fit in an Ascent without a bunch of modifications (just need to replace our Group 35 tray with a Group 24 tray). Now sold as Odyssey ODX-24F (Odyssey’s “Pro” line is their consumer/prosumer line, while their Xtreme line is actually labeled the Northstar Pro series

I ran a 100a circuit into the back of my Ascent (to power the fridge, inverter and a bunch of high power USB/USB-PD ports). I use a toggle style switch, back and forth.

63 Quart True Dual Zone Bluetooth Aplicool T60

53 Quart Alpicool T50 Refrigerator Dual Temperature Control 12 Volt

Alpicool T36 38 Quart Refrigerator Dual Temperature Control 12 Volt

I got the 63 quart, which easily fed two people for a week (BUT, I unpack and vacuum seal everything, to save space and keep it fresher). I could probably easily get by with 38 quarts for most of my adventures – but, I also go overland for days that can last up to a week.



(same battery, case and name with different colors, same company makes them)

NOTE: Battery MUST be group 24F (not Group 24) so ​​that the posts are on the right side. You can use a Group 24 battery tray because the tray has no polarity

Technical data

Terminal configuration HOW MUCH
Terminal illustration
Pulse Lock Amplifiers 1500 A
CCA rating at -18°C (0°F) 840 A
CA/MCA rating at 0°C (32°F) 1000 A
Reserve capacity 160 min
Capacity – 20 hours (1.75 vpc) 76 Ah
Internal resistance 3 mΩ @ 25°C (77°F)
Short circuit current 3100 A
Collateral 4 full years
Quantity per layer 20
Quantity per pallet 40

Circuit Breaker Style Current Protection:
100A DC 12V -48V Waterproof Circuit Breaker 30A-300A Manual Reset Fuse
Circuit Breaker 30 Amp DC 12V -48V Waterproof 30A-300A Manual Reset Fuse
(lots of other sizes out there too – I also use a 300a for my winch)
See attachment 17474

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