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Ouch. Completely forgot about OEM. 300 smackers for just the rear bench though…. They do look nice, but $300 nice? Not sure.

Very ouch in Canada, price has gone upy it seems, got mine for $100 less out of the US after shipping and exchange. Tried 2 none Subaru covers, both looked and fit like sh..! Cheaper ones are just that, cheap.
There is only one colour that I know of, and all dogs will look just fine on it. To keep my head happy about the price, said to self you just spent over 40k on a car, get over it and buy the seat covers…lol
Oh and they fit great just like the photos and a great dog proof material.

maybe this will work for you
2019-2022 Subaru Ascent Seat Cover F411SXC000 | Subaru Direct Wholesale

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