Rear power lift gate won’t operate and won’t latch

I have a 2020 Outback Limited XT. Has anyone encountered this problem? I was putting the new license plate on, with the key fob in my pocket, and the sensor in the Subaru emblem must have noticed me and decided to open the back hatch while I was bent over in front of it. I simply pushed back on it and closed it. But now it won’t latch (the car dash shows the rear lift gate is open) and none of the three buttons to operate the door will work (the key fob, the button on the door itself, and the button on the dash). I’ve tried holding various buttons down with no result. The salesman checked with a service guy who suggested I open it fully, then gently close it, and then press to hold the door closed for a few seconds to see if the latch would engage. It didn’t. I also called Subaru for advice and the rep said they don’t even have the 2020 manuals in their system yet, and she definitely doesn’t know what to suggest – other than towing it to the dealer. The sales guy suggested I tie the hatch shut from the inside and drive it in – and listen the the warning beep for the hour & ten minute drive. And since the car thinks the back hatch is open, the interior lights and the little LED lights in the side mirrors stay on. I was able to switch off all of the interior lights (three different switches…the front, the middle, and the rear) but can’t switch off the side mirror lights (and can’t find a way to disable them in the control system in the dash). Sales rep suggested disconnecting the battery to prevent it dying, and suggested that might even reset the latch and fix the problem. I haven’t tried that yet. Today is Saturday and I don’t really want to wait until Monday, and don’t really want to drive it to the dealer. Does anyone have any experience with this? I think I also need to learn the rules for properly opening and closing the hatch.

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