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Ascend 2021, 44,500 miles, the rear switch beeps twice when either the fund button or the button on the tailgate is pressed and the door opens 8 inches, beeps again and closes. He kept doing it. Called a local dealer, he said it just needed to be reprogrammed. Not big! Keep trying to use the buttons, hold for 10 seconds to reset it and eventually it would only open 2 inches and then close. Eventually it would just beep and not open at all. I took it to the local Subaru dealer. It took them all day to try to diagnose the problem. By the end of the day, they had completely destroyed the back of my car. Now even with the extended warranty it will still cost me $600 to fix it. I don’t know what they are fixing. I will pick it up on Tuesday evening. Very frustrated!! Subaru does not stand behind their cars.

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