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My inlaws bought an Ascent Touring about a month after we bought ours, so this is not my vehicle and no clue what has been screwed up by user error of hitting every button 37 times.

My father in law hates that the radio comes on if he turned it off the last time he was in the vehicle. I have read the forums and found that there is (was) no real fix for this but is the current general consenus to set up SXM channel 0 as a preset to basically turn to silence? I understand the mute vs off vs reset timing, but I am afraid of that solution long term so he does not reset everything. He was in for an oil change yesterday and the tech knew nothing about it, but would have someone look at it in a couple of hours, so he left.

It is a 2021 Ascent and a 1955 Chevy has an off knob….. :)

Any advice out there? Thanks

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