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Proximity Lock is now possible.

Part 1.

use this default template when creating a shortcut.

things you need.
1. A computer with chrome browser (I prefer chrome it’s easier) I use windows not sure with MAC

2. iPhone with shortcuts app

1st Part
On your computer go to or .ca depends on your location. Don’t login yet. On your keyboard press ctrt – shift I, that will open developers’ tool on chrome.
Put a check mark on “Preserve log” then choose Network tab. login to your account when you login you will notice some movement on the developer screen. Under Name Category select “login” it’s the first option, then select Payload tab.

We need here all the details
Input details here:

Then close developer option on chrome, but not the mysubaru page.
Reopen it by pressing ctrl-shift I on your keyboard.

Click Lock your car.
Look for execute.json

Input exact details here.

Click Done
Shortcut Created

Part 2.

Shortcut Automation.

You need to choose what triggers the automation.

For me I use Bluetooth so whenever my phone disconnects from cars bt, it will lock the car automatically.

Feel free to ask questions

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