Primitive skid plates significantly reduce ground clearance

Hey everyone,

Posting as I’m a bit frustrated with my primitive skid plates and looking to see if others have the same problem.

I installed all 3 skid plates and now I’m noticing a decrease in ground clearance. I didn’t realize the skids reduced the vehicle’s ground clearance so significantly.

Now I’m regularly scratching my lip on curbs I’ve never touched before. Now I can no longer park the front on the curb.

Very disappointed with the reduction in clearance. I feel like I’m driving an armored Prius with the fact that I’m scratching things.

I cannot recommend Primitive Skids to other Ascent owners for this reason.

I really don’t want to lift the tool, but now it seems I have no choice. I literally itch on every curb I walk up to.

What is the return policy for these lol

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