Pic Request: Gen 3 Outback steering wheel turned to full lock L/R

Thank you for the kind welcome and the specs. You represent the Outbackians with honor! I think your spec might have been from a Legacy GT though. It looks like they have a faster rack. The FSM (via Charm) says that the base model N/A 2009 Outback has 3.2 turns lock to lock, which matches what I’m seeing, so that is good. But it would still be very nice if somebody with a base model Outback could confirm with a quick photo though. I like empirical proof better than technical manual charts and tables!

Here is what my wheel is doing. I get almost 1¾ turns to the right, and 1½ turns to the left.


There isn’t a meaningful answer to your question about the wheel center position because the car hasn’t been put back together and driven yet, and also it hasn’t been aligned yet so the tierod ends are still adjusted for the old donor car. The wheels do seem to point pretty straight with the steering wheel centered, but it will be easier to tell what’s straight ahead when the car has the wheels on and is back on the ground.

Here is the technical spec I found. It does confirm that my rack should be fine, but if anybody wants to take a couple pictures I’d feel even better. Thank you, wise creatures!

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