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Having screwed around with and failed at using the shorter GR STi steeing linkage, the only way you get one to work is to:

1 – use the lower extended section of the OEM Outback link attached to the lower universal joint of the STi part, I tried this but couldn’t get the u-joint apart (and worried it’d come apart while driving even if I could)
2 – raise the steering rack itself using some spacers and a tweaked OEM bracket, never tried it but seems like it could work, then you’d just install the OEM STi linkage

The issue is that the subframe is spacered about an inch farther away from the unibody than on the Legacy for the lift, which is exactly how much longer the Outback linkage is, so a simple kit for raising the rack would be great. Not sure about spacing, that’d be the biggest issue.

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