Paint Issue after Car Wash

I’m sorry to hear about the issues you and your wife are experiencing with your cars after using the automatic drive-thru car wash. It’s indeed concerning when unexpected damage occurs. While I cannot provide a definitive answer without examining the cars personally, I can offer some possible explanations for the spots you’re seeing.

  1. Chemical Reaction: The car wash may have used a cleaning agent or chemical that reacted negatively with the paint and windows of your cars. Some harsh chemicals can cause permanent damage if not compatible with the car’s surfaces.
  2. Low-Quality Cleaning Agents: Automatic car washes sometimes use low-quality or generic cleaning agents, which might contain abrasive components that harm the car’s finish.
  3. Residue Buildup: If the car wash’s brushes, towels, or cleaning materials were not adequately cleaned or replaced, there could have been a buildup of residue from previous washes, leading to damage during your recent visit.
  4. Mechanical Issues: In some cases, automatic car washes can malfunction, causing damage to the cars they wash. Misaligned or damaged brushes, for example, may cause scratches or marks.

Since you’ve already taken the cars back to the car wash and documented the damage, it’s essential to wait for the car wash owner to contact you. They may have experience with similar incidents or be able to identify the cause of the problem.
In the meantime, I recommend not attempting to fix the issue yourself or using any DIY methods from websites without expert advice, as this could potentially worsen the damage. It’s best to let the car wash owner or a professional automotive detailing service handle the situation to avoid further complications.
If you need guidance on removing spray paint from a car, you can refer to However, keep in mind that this link might not be directly related to the specific issue you’re facing with the car wash damage.
I hope the car wash owner takes responsibility for the damage and assists you in resolving the situation. If necessary, you may need to seek advice from a legal professional regarding your options for compensation or resolution.
Remember, the priority is to prevent any additional harm to your cars, so it’s crucial to seek expert advice and avoid using the car wash again until the issue is resolved satisfactorily.

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