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Can you confirm the following?
1. Did you go to naviextras.com? (and registered, etc. with your SWID that appears on the profile page)
2. You haven’t done anything with your SD card (eg formatting)? Each download is specifically “linked” to your SD card (SW ID, I think) – I tried to “copy” the download (not the latest one, but in 2021 or 2022) to a different SD (as a backup)
3. Which page did you go to? I don’t remember exactly, but I had to go to a number of different websites before I got to the right one. Originally the Subaru Update.com map or something, but that wasn’t it (SoA told me). Really confusing

On the other hand, it’s “good” that the Subie OEM navi / GPS is pretty poor, so I use Waze / Google on my phone, so… 😉

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