Outback 2023 Navigation has never worked

I have been back to the dealer 3 times and have also spoken with Subaru Advocacy, who walked me through several factory resets and then recommended a new “head unit.” After repeated attempts to update and factory reset with different tweaks (clock sync turned off, no phone connected, etc.), last week the dealer replaced the audio unit — is this the same thing as the head unit? Nobody at the dealership would say. one of the service advisors at the dealership said there are frequent navigation issues with 2023 Outback’s, but Subaru was not aware of any bulletins or recalls to that affect. It still does not work and has never worked since I purchased the new car in May. When you enter an address, it starts to render the map and then it freezes up for a minute or two, the screen goes black and then says loading navigation and we start over again. Sometimes random navigation widgets pop up on the dash when I am not trying to use navigation. One time the voice came on and started telling me to make a turn when I was not trying to use navigation. Sometimes navigation widgets get stuck on my dash and it calls most roads, including interstates, unnamed roads. It usually tells me to turn left in 0 miles. I am unable to use CarPlay on my iPhone or the equivalent on an android phone, it will not show the map on the car screen and trying to use those results in the black screen with loading navigation — sort of like the nav system spontaneously crashing and rebooting in a never ending loop. What are my options? Since it takes a month or more to get a new appointment at the dealership, I have resorted to making my next appointments before I even go to the next one so I don’t have to wait more than four weeks between appointments. The dealership claims to be an independent contractor and not Subaru, and therefore not responsible for the car. I’ve never encountered anything like this before and not sure what to do.

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