Other: – Viscous center differential upgrade, anyone?

I’ve found a couple places that either sell new performance center differentials, or rebuild and upgrade your old unit – but I haven’t found many reviews on them for street driving.

Probably the most common is from flatironstuning, where they sell new or remanufactured viscous center differentials…in 12kg/100rpm or 20kg/100 RPM flavors (stock is 4kg/100rpm.) They only offer it for the 5spd MT.

Rallispec also carries these units (new), and they have them for the 6spd tranny as well (both newer cable shifted and older styles).

I believe both of the above companies buy their diff’s from an Australian company called alldrivesubaroo (ADS). I’ve emailed them director a quote, not sure if it’s any cheaper than buying from one of the above sources.

Another company called The ZF Design, based in Colorado, offers a big variety of center differential options, all of which are rebuilds (ie you send in yours, they build it, send it back to you). They can do 1.5x, 2x, 3x, and 5x strength builds. I emailed them for a price quote, and I suppose it seems pretty reasonable as I don’t want to potentially mess up my current differential. Also, I believe they do more than just add thicker viscous fluid (I think they upgrade the plates as well).

Anyway, I want to know if anyone has experience using ANY viscous center differential upgrade? If so, which strength did you get and what differences have you noticed while on the street? And finally, was it worth it?

Thanks everyone.

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