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I have 2 different Autel Maxi system tools, MaxiDas and MaxiSys. Been using them for years on various models and have zero issues. For Subaru I can see data from any module, full system scans, key fob programming, CVT relearns, some bidirectional depending on year models and TPMS with my TP model Autel, (has the radio sensor built in the tool, I just set the car up and walk around to each wheel). You can set the data to specific pids and see values or graphs. Web enabled with Google browser and has a “search” feature from fault code lists that automatically enabled a web search.

Annual update fee varies for tool models, but unless you use it for work, you only need the updates for your car(s) and the tool comes with 1 year free updates.

System does data recording and you can print to a Wi-Fi printer any screen shot or data/fault list.

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