Other: – Basic tools and spare parts for a long trip.

In 40 years of driving, I have only ever needed tools to perform a roadside repair. And I have owned and driven many jalopies.
If your trip is in a very remote area with no services (no phone service), then some basic hand tools (screwdriver, adjustable wrench, pliers, wire cutters, crimping pliers) and extra oil, coolant, zip ties, lifeline, tire repair kit, air compressor, tire pressure gauge, fuses and a battery jump pack should do.
The spare belt is a good idea, but if the one in the car is weak, just put a new one on.

If you do all the checks and maintenance before the trip, everything should be fine.

Btw, I try not to do anything to the car the day before departure. I like to have a few miles to shake off any work that has been done and any new parts that have been put on.

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